SG- Kona vom Eichenluft, IPO3, KKL, a-normal

Kona is an upper medium sized female. A daughter of Arko v. Eichenluft, Kona was raised and trained by Amanda as an 8 week old puppy. Kona exhibits super drive for food and the ball. Very confident in all situations and calm in the crate and when traveling. A very clear headed female who has been a pleasure to train and title! Look for Kona at the National championships in 2016!
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V-  Kapona vom Eichenluft, IPO1, KKL, a-normal

An awesome daughter out of Arko v. Eichenluft. Kapona is Owned by Julie Burkett. Kapona has good drives and an awesome nerve base. Big full grips and a ton of confidence. Kapona is clear in the head and is a pleasure to have around. 

SG- Quinzel v. Eichenluft BH, a-normal hips/elbows

DOB: March 8, 2016
SG rated conformation. 
A-normal hips and elbows. 
Incredible drives, pedigree and temperament.

We are super excited for Quinn's future!!
She will be added to our breeding program after


V- Amy von Peroh IPO3, KKL, a-normal hips, fast normal elbows

DOB: April 26, 2014

Amy was imported of July 2018. She has an incredible pedigree with a temperament and working ability to match! Truly a powerhouse female! We are so incredibly lucky to be blessed with such an amazing dog.